Restore dignity & hope to families facing the ultimate hardship

With the click of a button, Shabbos in a Bottle gives people the ability to transform a Shabbos — and gives struggling families the strength to go on.

Shabbos is coming,

we’re so happy! Or... are we?

Shabbos is the highlight of our week. It's a taste of the World to Come -the place where Heaven touches Earth. It is a day when we reconnect to our Creator, our souls, our family.

But not everyone can feel the joy. Some people — hard-working fathers and mothers like you — feel a pit in their stomach just thinking about Shabbos. For them, Shabbos is a painful reminder of all that they can't afford.

  • The chicken they cannot serve.
  • The lights that can’t be left on.
  • The grape juice they need to ration.
  • The Twizzlers, popcorn and super snacks they don’t have for Shabbos party.

“Mommy, can I have schnitzel?”

Since Mr. Klein lost his job 5 months ago, the family has been struggling to keep up with mounting bills. Nobody would know it, but they’ve gone without chicken the past 3 weeks because they can’t afford the expense. Mrs. Klein chokes back tears when Avi asks for schnitzel, and there isn’t any to give him.

“I couldn’t pay this month’s bill, so they turned out the lights.”

Mrs. Levine became a widow last year. Last week when someone stopped by, they discovered the house in complete darkness. Her electricity had been turned off 4 days earlier because she couldn’t make the payments. Ashamed and alone, she sits down to a Shabbos meal by the light of her Shabbos candles.

“Since the diagnosis, we’re drowning deeper into debt.”

When Mr. Cohen was diagnosed with a serious illness last fall and had to leave work, Mrs. Cohen did her best to make ends meet. But the financial burden has left the family of 5 struggling to cover the basics. The fridge is empty, Gitty’s Shabbos shoes are too small, and Mr. Cohen’s medication is a small fortune. They aren’t sure how they’ll make Yom Tov this year.

No family should cry on Shabbos.

With your help, they won’t have to.

Shabbos is coming we can all be happy

No one should ever know the pain of hunger on erev Shabbos.
Unfortunately, families just like yours feel sick with worry each week as Shabbos approaches.

For every bottle of grape juice you purchase,

A struggling family will get a discreet package containing everything they need for a beautiful Shabbos:

  • challah
  • grape juice
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Produce
  • Canned Goods
  • challah
  • Everything they need, delivered right to their doorstep!

With the click of a button, you can transform their Shabbos — and give them the strength to go on.

Yes, I want to buy a bottle — and bring joy

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Tomchei Shabbos of Rockland countY

Discreetly delivers emergency food
assistance to almost 500 families.




lbs of potatoes


Bottles of grape juice


lbs of matzah


lbs of chicken


Dozen eggs


rolls of gefilte fish


articles of clothing


job placements to date


computer course attendees

Families struggling with the heartbreak and hopelessness of job loss, eviction, utility shut-offs and medical crises turn to Tomchei Shabbos.

We Provide

  • DiscreET food packages
  • Children's Shabbos and Yom Tov Clothing
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Humanitarian Grants
  • Job Placement Assistance

When you buy one

Shabbos in a Bottle

you cover the cost of an entireShabbos for a family in need.

You make real people smile again.

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